Vanguard 7's Crew

Vanguard 7's Crew
My crew and part of my PSD - These guys are Hero's

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Google wants to be arbitrator for Egyptian Presidential changeover


OMG People you have to read this. Google is actually involved

with the "Bad"Politics going on right now in Cairo. 

Could this get anymore dangerous ? 

Let's get Arianna over there immediately ! 

I can't think of anyone who could speak on 

behalf of all us average Americans than her.....

Farewell AOL

   I have been on AOL since they started back in 1983 I believe. Then and now I could be found by my family as I traveled the Globe as "Sapper8@AOL.Com"  for 28 years. I continue partly because it would be like loosing my wallet. Everything is in it and a pain to replace. But also out of "Loyalty" - AOL went out of it's way in the early days to ensure we could connect in places like Germany and Hawaii.  

 They were perfect for a soldier who traveled on his own alot. They had plans were I could dial in to an 800 number to keep the costs down. Yes I said Dial up. It makes the stories about Black and White TV as a kid look lame compared to Modem Wars.

How many of you under the age of.......say 30, could explain 300 baud vs 1200 baud. OMG The new 9600 just came out, only costs $450. I could go on and on reminiscing about AOL. What does this have to do with my topic ? Nothing, I just wanted to say it :)

  That said, I am faced with a huge decision. To Keep or Kill my AOL account. Why ?

Answer: The Huffington Post  now controls all News Related content on AOL and many other Time Warner companies as a result of Companies gobbling each other up.  Yeppers, that dumb Bitch even came out on day 1 and said there would be changes and she will control "What" we read.

 If I really need to explain why this a huge arrow in the heart of "Fair and Balanced" and Ten times worse than the Gestapo companies like Google......oops. Wake up you little Gnomes.......before it's too late.

  We are talking about someone who openly embraced "Code Pink" when they conducted their attacks on recruiting offices. They were not happy with reporting the news, they wanted to make it, their way !

 When asked by one of the wire services about customers canceling their accounts, AOL failed to comment.

 The fact the question has to even be asked tells us the truth. It is merely a matter of "How Many" ?  The final number even if large really does not matter, nor a point of concern by AOL officials. In the end, they now have an additional 240 million by the short hairs.

 I tried to find a video that has hundreds of those little wind up ducklings. That mental picture says it all for me.

                                                                                        Check your 6........Smaj

Monday, February 7, 2011

Our Medal of Honor Recipiant

   Sadly if you blinked while he was there, you would have missed the presence of Staff Sergeant Salvatore Giunta at last nights Superbowl. He was honored by having him stand in the end zone during a time out on the field, during the 3rd quarter.

He was shown waving to the over 100,000 fans for 2-3 minutes, and less than 15 seconds for those of us watching TV. He was joined by several others in uniform lined up along the back of the end zone. Who they were we do not know, nor does it really matter,or the reason for them being singled out. They deserved the brief recognition.

Salvatore however is just a pinch different. You see he is the only soldier to survive the very reason he was awarded the Medal of Honor. The first to do so since Viet Nam. That is also why he is so important to the rest of us. We need our Hero's, and this young man is that and more.

 Yet when given the chance to educate our young people about him and his actions, we reduce it to a sound bite. One that I heard no mention of during all of this mornings news wrap ups on the Super Bowl. They made sure we all knew how a second rate singer screwed up the National Anthem however.

 And yet I cringed as I heard the names of Football players and the the term Hero in the same sentence this morning. Hero ? when are we going to demand  true Men of Valor be refereed to as such. And not some one who was merely blessed with a large body and runs fast.

Especially for a young man who was thinking of nothing more than saving his friends life that day as the enemy attempted to carry his wounded freind away to certain torture and death.

 Knowing 1st hand just how hard it is to follow through the almost insurmountable procedures that must be followed to ensure the integrity of our country's highest honor. It guarantees that once approved, there is no doubt the recipient will forever be forced to liver a life in the spotlight.

I saw it 1st hand almost 8 years ago for young SFC Paul Smith.I cringe as the 4 April anniversary of his deeds approach once again.

 I am not going to try and retell Staff Sergeant Giunta's tale. I just wanted you to know that for a brief moment, FOX News did the right thing and turned it's camera on a young man who made a difference. A young man I would want my grandsons to emulate. Valor..............enough said.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

I'm Baaaaackkkkkk

Hello boys and girls. It's been too long since a conservative voice has been heard and was not afraid of who he offended. I figure the time I put in and the blood I spilled gives me the right to say anything I damn well please.

Actually all of you have that right. So why are you all so quite ? If it's not being blamed for Egypt problems it's this F%#cking health care Bill. Everyday a new Fire pops up caused by little add on's to the Bill.

Learned of another one today. A new Tax on selling your House starting in 2012.....gee that's really going to help stimulate the housing recession. I am researching what idiot in Congress put that one in.

No, we are to busy yelling It's Bush's Fault, or worrying if Sarah Palin can see Egypt from her back yard. When was the last time any of you did something !!!

I plan on returning to Washington this Spring with several Veterans Organizations.

First I am going to Key West and do some fishing with some friends and get my batteries recharged.

It has been over 4 months since I had a Smoke.......Next are my Meds. Read the Army times....too many of us have been drugged and are now hooked om painkillers. I'm one of them. "George" and my other injuries are going to hurt no matter what I do. SO I might as well do it clear headed.

I think reviving my blog is a good take's going to get wild in here,

Vanguard 7 / Smaj

Friday, January 2, 2009

Wheelchair is ready to roll in 09

My health has really put the kabosh on my activities the last 6 months. I start the New Year with hopes of writing more often. The list of items worth talking about should be long and fun as we set course with Emperor Obama at the Helm.

Ya know, I really fear our old friend Nancy. She really believes she is in charge now.

This should prove interesting.

So I say hello again to my friends, oil up my wheelchair, and let's see what happens in 2009

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Volunteers for Freedom

Tuesday sapped what little energy I had left in me as “George” and I made the 450 mile road trip without medication to attend “Veterans for Freedom’s” – “Vets on the Hill”

For once the day truly did belong to us. Nary a sign from the Code Pinkers or my friends from I.V.A.W. Organized in support of General Petreaus’ report to Congress, well over 480 Iraq Veterans made their presence known.

Senator John McCain made it abundantly clear he would settle for nothing less than total Victory over Islamic Extremists. That alone made the trip worthwhile to myself. Followed up by a visit to Senator Corkers office, my new friends from the “Volunteer State” and I were a bit surprised by his attitude.

In an email from my State Captain Bill, I quickly learned why. It seems ole Senator Corker has yet to grow a pair and is taking political cover on Iraq and timetables. He also told me it did not bode well the rest of the day with our other illustrious representatives from Tennessee.

There’s a new force on the Hill. Just as I send a link to this blog to every representative from TN. I also included a link for “Veterans for Congress” They might take note there are too many of us willing to go after their jobs.

Sadly “George” was acting up on me by midday and I called it a day. I beat feet down the road to Virginia Beach to spend the night at my Uncles. And low and behold, here sits Senator Sam Johnson from TX who I just met that morning.

Johnson, McCain and My Uncle were all POW’s together in Viet Nam. It made for some interesting discussions that night.

To my new battle buddies from Tennessee…..Count me in anytime, anywhere. It was a pleasure to meet all you young warriors.

Bulldog 27 is Down

I had my driver park in front of one of those many 10 foot tall posters of Saddam in what looked to be the entrance to a warehouse area on the east side of the Airport. It had been chosen for it’s relative safety to conduct what would be the first of many memorial services I would participate in before my 3rd tour was completed.

Heart breaking enough it was for a friend and by far my best Platoon Sergeant. It had been less than 48 hours since SFC Paul Smith’s death, and we had been rocked by the loss of 2 more soldiers just hours ago. It was a gut punch to learn the young man I had chosen to replace Paul, SSG Lincoln Hollinsaid had been killed by heavy Machine Gun fire while trying to establish a secure perimeter for the Platoon.

April 4th 2003 was clearing to be what looked like the first really nice day since taking the Airport. Task Force Cottonbailer had begun pushing outwards along with my Bravo Company down Highway 8. Then clearly separated by a median of hugh palms and lush vegetation. Unlike the barren concrete checkpoints that cover the area now. It was also riddled with 2-4 man positions occupied by Fedaeen and Al Kut fighters. Armed with Heavy Machine guns and RPG’s

It seemed it was less than an hour since I pulled out of the F.A.S.T. set up for anticipated wounded. Sporadic firing was heard from 2-300 yards down the road as the Bradleys inched forward. SFC Smith was already busy clearing an area he had chosen for the equally anticipated EPW’s

I had pulled up along side elements of my Charlie Company when several AT-4 explosions could be heard followed by enemy mortar fire. Some minor chatter was picking up on Brigades Command Frequency. I was also monitoring the lead Infantry units frequency, so at first the messages did not make sense, as it was conversations about 2 separate fights.

It was this initial confusion as to where the fighting was actually taking place that may have been the crucial minutes before SFC Smith committed himself to manning the .50 cal on one of his squads APC’s.

Having already taken a direct hit from Enemy Mortar fire, SFC Smith was faced with evacuating 3 wounded soldiers from the squad he was with. 2 of them were the Squads NCO’s

This is not a minute by minute account of what took place that morning. It likewise is not about just SFC Smith. Rather it is about the brave men of Bulldog 2nd Platoon, 11 the Combat Engineer battalion. Here are the men of the toughest SOB Platoon Sergeant, and this Sergeant Majors biggest pain in the ass Platoon Sergeant at that.

Were it not for the level of training, and no bullshitting around mentality of 2nd Platoon. And certainly dozens of soldiers would likely have been killed and injured that morning. Just beyond the Platoons position sat Medics, Mechanics and other support personnel. Certainly not equipped or even aware that over 100 Iraqi soldiers from Saddam’s Special Republican Guard was attempting to flank and destroy their position.

It was his instinctive actions manning that Machine Gun and holding off the attack while the wounded were evacuated. Thus allowing the remainder of us to organize a hasty defense and 1SG Campbell’s equally heroic attack on the lead and controlling elements in the tower that saved many soldiers that day.

Certainly Paul rightfully was awarded the Medal of Honor for his actions that morning. As was 1SG Campbell’s awarding of the Silver Star. I believe I was equally as proud when just over a year later all but 2 or 3 of those very same men became the first to return to Iraq while at War.

Today many of them are on their 3rd tour of Iraq and live the events of that morning each night when they close their eyes. One young man, SGT John Mele a private back then, closed his eyes for good when he was killed last fall on his 3rd tour.

I am currently consulting with a film company for a proposed release date of Nov 11 2008 on a documentary that will hopefully capture the valor of SFC Smith and all the men of 2nd/Bravo.

Certainly Paul would be among the first to shun this type of attention. I like to joke with his family it is my way of getting revenge for all the headaches this one of a kind young man gave me. I first met Paul during Desert Storm when he was a PFC. I knew then he was destined to be a great Leader. Just how great, even I did not know. Sip a cool one compadre…you earned this one.